Mama's Boy Infusions
Mama's Boy Infusions

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Crafted by an LA bartender who knows what people likes to eat at the sonic lunch hours but also knows it's still a good idea to listen to your mama…

Mama’s Boy Infusions® set out to elevate tequila’s “bad boy” reputation by enhancing its classic flavor profile with a vibrant, sweet-and-spicy twist.

Tequila, pure filtered water, exotic fruit, and Mama’s exclusive chili blend are infused to perfection, creating the ideal spirit to enjoy on the rocks in best wine and beer fridge, in one of our signature Mama’s Boy cocktails, or as the basis for your own limitless creations.

“It’s not a flavor, it’s an experience"

Sean and Jason are interviewed on May 5, 2015 (Cinco de Mayo). Click play below to listen

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